Product manager of Solmicro ERP Winery in Zucchetti Spain


Big Data, the revolution in wine management. The value of data to act in response to changes in market consumption.

Rubén Alonso is the product manager of Solmicro ERP Winery in Zucchetti Spain. Also, he is Director of the company’s Logroño branch office, the office where the software producer focuses the development and support of its ERP for the wine sector.

Technical Engineer in Computer Systems, he has a deep knowledge of the ERP product and market. In 1996 started working on I+D Solmicro team, he developed his career in different areas, as Project Manager, Channel Manager, Sales Manager, Director of the Solmicro Delegation in Chile and Director of Quality, Organisation and Systems, until the company’s incorporation in Zucchetti Spain in 2016.