Owner Abete Lerga Maria Y Abete Lerga Yoanna

Born to prune. Ideas for a more equality wine world

She is a co-owner of Bodegas Máximo Abete with her sister, It´s a familiar business and she has poured all his love and passion for the wine into the business.

She grew up, while her fathers were realising their winemaking and familiar dream. María has confessed that the winery began with few vineyards, a pair of casks and a lot of illusion for reaching their first wine and It was produced in 1995 under the Guerinda brand name.

She combined his studies in industrial engineering with the development of his family’s winemaking dream. Although she spent a few years working in renewable energies, she discovered that nothing motivated her more than continuing to learn and develop in the world of vineyards and wine, and her first vintage was in 2009. She completed her training by obtaining a master’s degree in viticulture and oenology, as well as going on many trips, tastings and constantly increasing her connection with wine.

Her father passed away in 2011, and Maria and her sister Yoanna, took over the winery in every sense of the word, and as she herself says ‘to do a little bit of everything’. Keeping the tradition instilled in the winery by their father, the winery’s products is now found in more than 20 countries in Europe and America.