Founder of Zeta-shoes


Circular economy: the second life of grapes

Laure Babin is from France, living in Bordeaux, in the southwest of France, being that the centre of the wine famous region, known worldwide for its extensive vineyards and excellent wine. She is graduated in International Manage, University of Bordeaux, and has 2 master´s degrees in Marketing and Communication Strategy and Development of Commercial Business. She is multilingual, she can speak French, Spanish, English and Dutch.

She has an outstanding and proven professional career. She worked as a marketing and communication assistant in the Asian country of Cambodia, focusing on digital marketing, web development and sales through B2C strategy. The Cambodian company was Amboh Espadrille, a handmade espadrille brand. She then continued working for the Peruvian company Mipacha, firstly from the Dutch capital, Amsterdam, and finally working for the German headquarters in teleworking mode. As in the previous case, this company was dedicated to the commercialisation of handmade footwear. She then moved to Lima, Peru, where she worked as a marketing and communication assistant for the company Somehow. On her return to France, she joined the EF Education First team as a sales coordinator.

In September 2019, founded Zeta-Shoes, a shoes Brand who reused grape skin to create leather that its products show. No doubt about it´s an innovative idea that promote the development, the sustainability and the environmentalism.