Director of the Emesa Software Division

Moderator: Exponential technologies and the fourth industrial revolution

Javier has a law degree and a social studies degree from the University of La Rioja.

In his professional life, he started as an administrative assistant in the Notary Office of Don Germán Araiz Los Arcos. He continued as a commercial delegate at, creating a new client portfolio, as well as maintaining what he already had and designing sales strategies.

After this, he started his 11-year stint at Éniac Sistemas Informáticos. Initially he joined the office as a commercial advisor, being a consultant in project development and infrastructure consolidation. In the following years he held the position of account manager to end up as commercial director, managing the commercial team in each of its areas within the company.

He arrived at Emesa in 2013, where he held the position of commercial director and marketing director, to end up occupying, and still does today, the position of Director of the Emesa Software Division.