Director of Zaragoza Logistic Centre (ZLC)

From the covid crises to a NEW crisis: supplies, transport,...

Dra. Susana Val is the Director of Zaragoza Logistic Centre (ZLC). Also, she is Associate Research Professor, Research Affiliate at MIT’s Center for Transportation and Logistics and Principal Investigator of the Transportation Research Group. She holds a PhD and a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Zaragoza and the Master´s degree on engeneer and logistic from MIT (Massachusetts Institute Technology). Her current research activity is dedicated to urban logistics and distribution; specifically she focuses on best practices, new development policies, innovations and modelling of urban areas for the distribution of goods.

In addition, she has participated in several projects and in studies related to multimodal transport and green corridors, with a special focus on rail promotion and carbon footprinting.

Finally, he also collaborates in research related to logistics infrastructures and air freight transport, and their relationship with the supply chain.