General Manager Marketing- New Zealand Winegrowers


Enotourism strategy for new public

Charlotte Read is the General Manager Maketing of New Zealand Winegrowers, with a wide experience of viniculture world.

She is a graduate on the BSc, BCApSc, Food Science, Human Nutrition, By University of Otago, and was a student in the Institute of Master of Wine from 2008 to 2011. But that´s not the end, She held the maximum level in Wine and Spirits Education Trust and has studied wine marketing at Cambridge University.

In her professional career, she has worked in different countries around the world, At first, base don Singapore and focused on reach all the experience as possible, worked as a management trainee in Anmun, a milk powder Brand. She helped to carry out the entire marketing plan, before being appointed director of Anlene, another milk powder brand, this time based in Thailand and with more responsibility.

Continued with her development in Threser Group, and finally she moved into the world of wine with Villa Maria State, being responsible for exporting to different countries from England’s capital city, London. He then moved to the New Zealand Embassy in Beijing, where he maximised the impact of food and drink brought from New Zealand.