General Director of Roda Winery

Tasting wines obtained with sustainable practices. Corimbo I

Agustín Santolaya Santolaya is the General Director of Bodegas Roda, standing out on this winery for being able to make it one of the reference international wineries in less tan 25 years, since its first harvest of 1996.

Santolaya has explained in many times that his viticulture passion raised up with his family, because they used to make vintage wine. It is something typical in La Rioja region, and he start it when he was 16 years old.

He studied Technical Agricultural Engineer, reaching his own wine Brand. At the same time, he was a professor and a consultant about everything has a relationship with the viticulture world. That was the way he took to Roda, they called him once as a consultant and Santaloya confessed that he fell in love with the project. He always points to Mario, who is proprietary, and his sensibility, because he wanted to make one of the biggest wine, while the other entrepreneurs demanded positive exploitation in four years.