CEO and Export Manager of the Vintae wine company

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He was born in Logroño in 1984 and he is the youngest of three brothers. He studied Business Administration by ESADE and continued with his studies in United State at University of Texas and University of California at Berkeley. When he came back to Spain, started his professional career in Institut Future (strategy Consultory) from Barcelona.

In 2006, a sudden sick of his father accelerated his join to the familiar´s Proyect, assuming the position of CEO and Export Manager of the Vintae wine company at the age of 23.

The beginnings of Vintae were marked by the innovation of its proyects like the recovery of Moscatel variety from Grado Menudo in La Rioja. In 1999, and gave as a result the Libalis wines. Since then, the Vintae family has been joined by wine projects in 14 other appellations in Spain.

Ricardo powered by his non-conformist, revolutionary character and his entrepreneurial spirit, he has placed VINTAE wines in more than 40 countries on five continents.

He combines his responsibilities at Vintae with other projects in the restaurant sector, where he has been the creator and founder of a new concept of Wine Bar Restaurant, which has its flagship in Wine Fandango Logroño, a place where wine and gastronomy mix with fun and which has been joined by Fandango Formentera.

His philosophy is to never stop dreaming about what he believes in, always accompanied by a great team that he considers his family.